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Windows Server 2019

It's time to grow your business

With the latest hardware and software, PowerEdge servers and Microsoft Windows Server 2019 prepare your business for the future. Next-level computing speeds and increased storage capacity help businesses to do more, faster—for better insights and performance across the organization.

A new server for a new era

Rely on Windows Server 2019 to stay in step with today’s rapidly changing business needs. Maximize your existing technology and infrastructure investments while empowering your remote workforce and strengthening security. Whatever the size of your business, Windows Server 2019 can help you modernize your IT while minding your IT budget.


Why choose an OEM server license?

Windows Server 2019 is the simplest, most cost-effective license for many small and mid-sized businesses.
Confident installation
Operating system and drivers are installed, pre-tested and optimized for Dell EMC servers, and the entire stack, hardware and software are supported by Dell EMC.
Dell EMC is your one-stop shop for hardware, operating system and client access licenses, and OEM licensing is fully supported by ProSupport.
Equivalent capability to volume licensing
Factory-installed Windows Server has the same downgrade and virtual machine portability rights as volume licensing.
Discover how the powerful combination of Windows Server 2019 and Dell Technologies' advanced hardware can help your business grow.