Dell EMC SC Series All Flash and Hybrid Storage

SC Series
Smart all-flash architecture choice for modern workloads
SC Series takes the guesswork out of storage economics with a modern, automated architecture that proactively optimizes your data center for cost-savings, while delivering transformational SSD, HDD or tiered performance.

From comprehensive data reduction to innovative multi-array features like federation and built-in auto-failover, the modern SCOS architecture has what it takes to crank down expense while providing exceptional performance for any application environment.
All Flash

End-to-end flash helps you do things you thought were impossible, taking your business to new levels of productivity. SC All-Flash active/active, performance-centric design keeps IOPS and throughput high as you scale up and out.

  •  Up to 6PB raw flash capacity
  •  Federate multiple arrays, fully mobilize your data
  •  Intelligent dedupe/compression, built-in DR
  •  All-inclusive software licensing
  •  Future-Proof Loyalty Program
Hybrid Flash

Advanced automated tiered storage design, plus intelligent deduplication and compression on both SSDs and HDDs makes great performance affordable for organizations of all sizes.

  •  SC9000 (6PB raw, 1000+ drives)
  •  SC7020 (4PB raw, 600+ drives)
  •  SC5020 (2.16PB raw, 222 drives)
  •  SCv3000 (1PB raw, full-featured entry to SC)