VMWare Carbon Black Endpoint Standard NGAV B-EDR

Carbon Black. Faster and More Efficient Endpoint Security

Carbon Black offers an endpoint security suite with faster and more effective security in the deployment model that’s right for your organization.

For those looking to reduce agent fatigue, Carbon Black delivers multiple security capabilities through a cloud-delivered platform that shares one console and one lightweight agent. Cloud-based analytics ensure your employees’ productivity isn’t affected and their endpoints aren’t slowed down. As requirements change, adding new solutions is fast and easy, and doesn’t require the deployment of new agents.

Get VMware Carbon Black NGAV Endpoint Detection and Response solutions on your Dell computers

Carbon Black EDR is cloud delivered and managed via your unique online console. You can obtain Carbon Black EDR licenses either directly attach to your Dell computers, or via volume licensing from your Dell sales rep.

Faster end-to-end response and remediation
Accelerated IR and threat hunting with continuous endpoint visibility
Rapid identification of attacker activities and root cause
Secure remote access to infected endpoints for in-depth investigation
Better protection from future attacks through automated hunting
Unlimited retention and scale for the largest installations


• Out-of-the-box and customizable behavioral detection
• Multiple, customizable threat intel feeds
• Automated watchlists capture queries
• Process and binary search of centralized data
• Interactive attack chain visualization
• Live Response for rapid remediation
• Open API sand 120+ out-of-the-box integrations
• Virtual private cloud, SaaS, or MSSP


Sensor Support:
• Windows & Windows Server
• MacOS
• Red Hat
• CentOS
• Oracle RHCK
• SuSE

Deployment Options:
• Cloud

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