Microsoft Autopilot

What is Windows Autopilot?

It is a collection of technologies created by Microsoft and used to set up and pre-configure new Windows 10 devices, getting them ready for productive use. This solution enables an IT department to achieve the above with little to no infrastructure to manage, with a process that's easy and simple. Customers can leverage Autopilot to upload device information directly into a Modern Device Management environment like VMware Workspace ONE and Azure Active Directory.

Designed to simplify the lifecycle of Windows devices for initial deployment through the eventual end of life, you can implement modern management which reduces the overall costs associated with PC lifecycle management, reduces the amount of IT time spent on PC lifecycle processes, and reduces the amount of infrastructure needed to maintain and easing use for end users.

Autopilot Requirements
  • Consent accepted by the customer to authorize Dell as an OEM PC Partner within the customer environment.
    • Link is available on the platform configuration order page and on this page in the Order Setup and Process Steps. This link authorizes Dell to upload device information into a customer environment.
    • Required once prior to ordering, and when completed Dell will show up as the OEM PC Partner on the Partners tab within Microsoft Store for Business.
  • Windows 10 Pro, Pro for Workstations, Enterprise, or Education
    • Windows 10 version 1703 or later is required.
    • Dell only factory ships the most recent version of Windows 10.
    • For custom imaging services, please connect with a Dell Services representative.
  • Azure Active Directory P1 or P2 plan
    • Tenant ID and Domain info will need to be provided at time of order.
  • Microsoft Store for Business or Azure Active Directory Admin rights
  • Modern Device Management environment that has enabled Windows Autopilot registration.
Order Setup and Process Steps

1. Microsoft requires customer consent before allowing Dell to register devices for Autopilot.

  • This is a one-time authorization of Dell as an OEM PC Partner that must be completed by an Azure Active Directory Global Admin or a Microsoft Store for Business Admin.
  • This link enables Dell to upload device information into Autopilot. If consent is not provided, a completed order will be placed on hold until consent is completed.

2. When completing an order, a customer will input Azure Tenant ID and Domain name into the Autopilot selection with the correct format.

  • To find your Azure Active Directory Tenant ID
    • Access the Microsoft Azure Portal
    • Navigate to “Azure Active Directory” > “Properties”
    • The Tenant ID is also called the "Directory ID"
  • To find your Azure Active Directory Domain Name
    • Access the Microsoft Azure Portal
    • Navigate to “Azure Active Directory” > “Overview”
    • The domain name is at the top-left of the Azure blade

3. After the Microsoft OEM PC Partner invitation link has been accepted (see step 1 above), input correct Tenant ID and Domain information into the order, and the device can be added to the shopping cart and order can be completed.

4. Dell will upload device information to Autopilot by the time the device is shipped to the address specified on the order.

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