Dell Optimizer

Technology that adapts as fast as you do.

Transform your remote work experience with Dell Optimizer, the only built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work.

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Dell Optimizer is a built-in, AI-based optimization software for business that learns and responds to the way you work. It’s designed to automatically improve application performance, battery run time and audio settings in the background—so you have a seamless experience with fewer disruptions.
Express Response
A new era of smart systems has begun. ExpressResponse uses built-in AI and Intel® Adaptix™ Technology to manage the speed and performance of your favorite applications, so every interaction feels like second nature.
Intelligent Audio
Pre-select the environment for your conference calls with the options below. Intelligent Audio helps to filter outside noise, stabilize volume and prioritize preferred voice streams. Thanks to Waves NX® Technology, every meeting feels like you’re in the room.
This solution analyzes your power usage habits to improve your PC’s battery utilization. It extends run times and charges your system faster when you need a boost in power.
Productivity without disruption
The first PC proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology detects your presence and wakes your system, before Windows Hello logs you in. Plus, it locks your PC when you step away for enhanced security.
Centralized Management
IT can deploy updates and optimize multiple systems simultaneously, all remotely and with minimal interruptions to your work flow.
Dell Optimizer for Precision

Dell Optimizer for Precision is built into all of our new Precision workstations. It provides all the optimization features from Dell Optimizer, plus an additional plugin in ExpressResponse to improve the performance of storage-heavy applications.

It also identifies and removes bottlenecks with workload and system analytics, as well as diagnostics to improve utilization. With this built-in AI, you get professional-grade hardware and software for unmatched workstation performance.

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